Temperature dropped as rain lashes city, people relieved

A waterlogged street in Ranjit Avenue
A waterlogged street in Ranjit Avenue

Drizzle brought a relief to the city residents from scorching heat as a considerable dip in the temperature was recorded today morning. Mild showers continued intermittently till noon.
Burning of stubble in the region had increased the quantity of dust particles in the air, but the rain has made the environment clean up to some extent, say medical practitioners. Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal, the child specialist at the Civil Hospital, said, “Due to increased dust level in the breathing zone, children are facing the problem of difficulty in breathing. The rain has come as a blessing.”

Residents too were elated as rain made the day pleasant. “The heat was increasing for the past many days. The ash generated by the burning of the crop residue in agricultural fields was clearly visible. Rain has made the air fresh,” said Joginder Singh, a daily jogger at Company Bagh.

Meanwhile, the rain brought trouble for the officials at grain markets as the purchased wheat is still lying at several grain markets. Officials claimed that efforts were being made to lift the stock.

District Food and Civil Supplies Officer Sartaj Singh said most of the produce had already been shifted to warehouses. The bags lying in the market belong to private purchasers, he added.


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