Hall Bazar Amritsar

Hall Bazar Amritsar Punjab

About Hall Bazar Amritsar

Hall Bazaar Amritsar presents a wide range of products from electronics items, ornaments, best quality books, handicrafts and ready-made garments. Most import place in this Bazaar is the Gandhi Gate, which serves as the entry point to the Bazaar. This gate is also called as Hall Gate.

Hall market is one of the oldest markets in Amritsar. It lies in the way to the Golden temple. There are many exciting things you can see like shops of Amritsari naan which is the most famous bread in Amritsar. Patiala salwar is considered as the traditional bottom wear for the women of Punjab. Jootis which are the traditional footwear and handicrafts like phulkari and shops of weaponry showcasing swords and daggers which are called krippan. Apart from these, the market offers many other exciting items which make the best of the souvenirs.

Places to shop nearby

  • Pappar-Warian Bazaar
  • Mochi Bazaar

hall bazar in amritsar

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