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About Alpha One Mall Amritsar

Alpha One Mall Amritsar is one of the right place if you are fond of shopping. Alpha G:Corp is one of the fastest growing professional companies in the Indian real estate sector, with developments in over twelve cities across the country. The core team at Alpha G:Corp has a proven track record of excellence spanning more than 25 years, and is widely recognized for pioneering best global practices, transparency, a value-driven approach, customer centricity and reliability in the real estate industry. AlphaGCorp – Indian Real estate Asset Management Alpha G:Corp undertakes projects through acquisitions, joint venture development, and real estate asset management that includes development and management.

Currently, Alpha One Mall Amritsar company is developing large-scale integrated townships, city center projects, commercial and residential projects. It has a proven track record of going the extra mile to ensure a higher level of customer service – they go beyond the project even after it is ‘sold’ by offering follow-through services like maintenance and facility management. Alpha G:Corp was the first real estate company to establish an asset management model of development in India, in line with contemporary global practices.

How to Have Fun at an AplhaOne Mall Amritsar

If you like to visit the AplphaOne Mall Amritsar, you know it’s more than just a place for shopping. It can be somewhere to hang out with friends, have a bite to eat, watch interesting people, and go see movies. Because the mall is such a popular spot, there are plenty of ways to have fun, even if you don’t want to spend much money. Watch Movies ticket bookings of movies available online too. Alpha mall is located at GT road near New Amritsar.

Alpha One Mall Amritsar

Try on clothes. Of course, a large part of the mall experience is shopping, but even if you aren’t going to buy anything, trying on clothes can still be a lot of fun. Try on cute outfits or outfits in a completely different style than what you’d normally wear or fancy formal attire.

  • If you’re with a friend at the AlphaOne Mall Amritsar, secretly pick out clothes for each other to try on. Mismatched outfits will make you laugh, and you might even find you look great in something you didn’t know you’d like.
  • Enjoy non-clothing stores. The mall isn’t just about shopping for shoes or clothes. Make sure to go in all the other stores and have some fun.
    • Sniff all the candles, and try lotions in stores like Bath & Body Works.
    • Find funky gadgets, and try out massage chairs at places like Brookstone.
    • Pay a visit to the Apple store, and test-drive the latest iPad or MacBook. Leave a funny video for the next customer.
    • Go in a store like Williams Sonoma for free samples of gourmet foods.
    • Play a people-watching game. In malls, there are all kinds of interesting people to watch. Make it a game with your friends.
  • For example, play people-watching “Bingo.” Come up with categories before you begin. For example, categories might be: a person with bright pink hair, a child on a leash, or a person with five different shopping bags. Whoever spots a certain number of the categories first, wins.
  • Add a silly prize to the game. Maybe the winner gets candy from the vending machine or something at the food court.
  • Go to the arcade. Many malls having gaming centers or arcades, which can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Go play games like ski ball with your friends.

    • Take a pre-determined amount of money, whether it’s a dollar or ten dollars to spend in the arcade, so you don’t end up spending more than you meant to.
    • Ride one of the shopping mall’s mechanical rides. Even if you’re older, you can have fun feeling like a kid again and laugh about it with friends.
    • Ticketing is very easy in Alpha Mall.
    • Watch latest movie reviews and ratings before booking tickets.
    • Best reviews movies are god to watch, you can rate review movies watched in Alpha One Mall.
    • Alpha One is one of the best cinemas in Amritsar.
    • Usually these rides are fairly inexpensive, around a dollar or less.
    • Take advantage of the free samples. Mall free samples are a great way to get a free snack or two. Make sure you try everything they have to offer.
      • Make a visit to the food court when you first arrive at the mall and then a second trip a few hours later. You can get seconds on your free samples.


Alpha One Mall is the biggest mall in Amritsar now renamed to Mall of Amritsar
Address :
MBM Farms, Sultan Wind Sub Urban Main GT Road,
Punjab –

Tel : 0183 661 8545


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