Two Sikh men praying in holly bath in Golden Temple, Amritsa…


Golden Temple, Amritsar, North India”>

World Tour 2013 – 2014 – day 194

Following my journey in the south range of Nepal, I passed the Indian border by the west boundary, aiming to reach Amritsar, the Sikh town which is situated on the Pakistan border. I wanted to get there because many people told me that the sikhs were the most pleasant people and the Golden temple one of the most incredible place. Actually this place was my favorite from all my world tour, at the same level than the Red Square in Moscow. We could qualify the ambiance as ‘Zen’. The Sikh people come here to pray and having a holy bath which is very relaxing to look at. So I came maybe 3 times inside this place just to look at the holy activity.

As Sikhism is a mixture between Muslim and Hindu religion, so the Golden Temple architecture too. The city dates from 1577 and the Golden Temple dates from 1803 despite it was already existing with another architecture style.

It is to note that in this place occurred one of the most terrible uprising quell. Since the India and Pakistan partition, the Sikhs, whose state was on the border, has been asking for an independent realm. So upon occuring an unrest in the 80’s, the prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, ordered the army to crack down on the insurgents inside the temple which was damaged. Then she was assassinated by is bodyguard who himself was a Sikh. Indeed, since the sikhs have a good warship reputation, they are very often enrolled in the army or police apparatus.

a funny thing about the Sikh. This religion order to the practicing to clad permanently the 5 Ks:
– the Kirpan which is a knife sumbolising the necessity to help the oppressed people;
– the kesh, corresponding to long hair they are supposed nether to cut because it is representing the body energy;
– the kong which is a comb worn under the turban, symbolizing cleanness;
– the kara which is an orin bracelet, a gift from God symbolizing the faith;
– the kachera which is a loose unisex pant corresponding to modesty.

The turban, with a shark nose shape, is not in the 5 Ks but every Sikh are wearing it. Some told me they need 30 second to do it, others 15 minutes but in this video the guy is doing it in around 4 minutes:

The full movie of the journey can be seen here:…

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