The Golden Temple,Amritsar


Golden Temple,Amritsar“>

Although the Golden Temple looks beautiful any time of the day I think it really looks magical at night.I sat by the sacred tank just looking at it for over an hour.I have rarely been to any place of worship with such a wonderful ambience.
Again taken without a stand.
The Golden Temple also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib is the holiest Gurdwara of the Sikhs.In 1578 ,the fourth Sikh Guru,Guru Ram Das built a tank – Amritsar which literally means the Tank of Nectar and the city of Amritsar grew up around it.In 1588 ,the fifth Guru,Guru Arjan initiated the construction of a Gurdwara in the centre of this holy tank.The foundation of the Gurdwara was laid by Hazrat Mian Mir on 28th December 1588.The construction was completed in 1604.Guru Arjan installed the Guru Granth Sahib in it.In the early 19th century Maharaja Ranjit Singh secured the Punjab from external attacks and had the upper portion of this beautiful Gurdwara covered with gold.Hence the name Golden Temple.
The Golden Temple is open to people of all faiths and is visited by thousands of people from India and abroad everyday.
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