The Golden Temple


Golden Temple“>

The holiest shrine of the Sikhs, in the Holy city of Amritsar, my home town.

Known by many names, the original being "Harimandar Sahib", it is more popular as The Golden Temple, because of the shining top being actually made of real Gold.

Quick Facts –
The foundation of the gurudwara was amazingly laid down by a Muslim sage called Mian Mir, though its construction was started by Guru Ram Das in 1588 and completed by another Sikh Guru, Guru Arjun Dev.

1) The temple has entrances from all the four direction, which signifies that people of diverse backgrounds are allowed to make an entry to the gurudwara, which welcomes them all with open arms.

2) The Temple is made of white marble, and the top is embellished with real gold, which is why it gets the name of Golden Temple.

3) The Temple is located on a level below the ground level as it signifies that one must be humble and go down to reach the temple of God.

4) The temple was devastated again and again, first by the Mughals and the Afghans and later during a clash between the Indian Army and terrorists in the Operation Blue Star of the eighties. But it has now been renovated and stands as a mark of glory and splendor of the Sikh religion.

5) The Golden Temple has been a monument of worldwide fame on account of organizing the largest langar sewa in the world, where more than 35000 people are fed on a daily basisand the numbers can touch 2,00,000 on special holy occasions.

6) The manmade lake around the temple is known as ‘Amrit Sarovar’ which is translated as ‘Pool of Holy Nectar’.

7) The temple is considered holy such that of about 1,00,000 visitors daily, 35% of the pilgrims that visit it are from faiths other than Sikh.

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