Thai Buddha


Nearly 95% of Thailand’s population is Buddhist of the Theravada school, though Buddhism in this country has become integrated with folk beliefs as well as Chinese religions from the large Thai-Chinese population.

Buddhist temples in Thailandare characterized by tall golden stupas, and the Buddhist architecture of Thailand is similar to that in other Southeast Asian countries, particularly Cambodiaand Laos, with which Thailand shares cultural and historical heritage.

Important to Western impressions of Buddhism is that Buddhists of all kinds do not pray to a statue but use the statue or painting of Buddha as a focus for their prayerful good wishes for all living things and exalting other Buddhist ideals.

While Thailand is currently a constitutional monarchy, it inherited a strong Southeast Asian tradition of Buddhist kingship that tied the legitimacy of the state to its protection and support for Buddhist institutions. This connection has been maintained into the modern era, with Buddhist institutions and clergy being granted special benefits by the government, as well as being subjected to a certain amount of government oversight.

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