Baba Bhajna



He is Baba Bhajna. Baba refers to a religious, holy or elderly man. The word is used as a respectful gesture when addressing someone senior, particularly when he is in old. Baba Bhajna lives in village Naurangabad, near Taran Taaran city which is about 30 Kms. From Amritsar, India.

He lives in a very basic one room house with his family and he preaches in the village. This shot was taken in a very ancient looking small building that resembled some tomb when viewed from outside. I had gone to the village with my friend Sanjeev in a hope to take some good photographs during a religious festival which was being held there. We couldn’t resist ourselves from having a closer look at this building which has three domes. The place was secluded apart from a couple of passerbyes that went for the festival in the village.

We noticed that the doors that lead to the rooms were locked when luckily someone told us that they keys are with Baba Bhajna. His house was just a few yards away and when we met him he readily came along to show us the inside of that building.

I requested him for a few photographs and he had no hesitation in allowing me to shoot him and the interiors inside.

Even he didn’t know exactly how old that structure was…

Posted on 2009-03-09 20:17:16

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