Washrooms sick at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar



Amritsar, August 27

The washrooms at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital are in a pitiable state. Sanitary fittings are missing or broken. These appear to have not been cleaned for long as foul smell emanates, making these almost impossible for patients to use.

Over 1,000 patients accompanied by their attendants visit the hospital daily. Many are admitted to the indoor wards. Though the hospital has washrooms in every block and ward, the condition of almost all is almost same.

Visitors say providing potable drinking water and clean washrooms is the foremost responsibility of the hospital management. “If washrooms are not clean, it can result in the spread of diseases whereas the aim of the hospital is to secure the health of people,” said Saurabh Sharma, a visitor.

In the absence of sanitary fittings, there is no water supply for users. A few taps have been damaged and water runs from these continuously. The maintenance staff has made makeshift arrangements to stop the flow of water.

Insiders say sanitary fittings are often stolen by drug addicts. “If they fail to open these, they resort to breaking the same. It has happened many times. Nobody can keep a watch on washrooms all the time,” said a safai sevak, requesting anonymity.

The hospital authorities said maintenance work was undertaken from time to time and all missing or broken fittings were replaced. “These will be replaced soon. The hospital is endeavoring to provide better facilities to people,” said an official.


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