Villager loses Rs 1.68 lakh


Tribune News Service

Amritsar, August 3

Three unknown youths withdrew Rs 1.68 lakh from the bank account of a resident using his ATM card. The incident occurred last month, but the victim came to know about it recently when he tried to withdraw cash. The case was registered yesterday.

According to information, the victim, Sarwan Singh of Wadala Kalan village in Khalchian had gone to an ATM booth in Rayya to withdraw cash on July 10 or 12. Three youths present there offered help in operating the ATM. They took his card, entered it in the machine and after the victim entered his password, they told him that the ATM was out of order. They returned a fake ATM card to the victim.

Sarwan went to withdraw cash after a few days and found that his money had already been withdrawn. In his complaint to the police, he said that the youths were in their early twenties and he could recognise them in case they come across him. He said they might have noted his password when he pressed the keys of the ATM.

The police have registered a case under Section 420 of the IPC against them. The police said investigation was under way to identify the culprits.

Meanwhile in another incident, a Dehradun resident, Keshav Romala alleged that someone withdrew Rs 80,000 from his SBI bank account. He said someone withdrew Rs 40,000 from his account on July 15 and the same amount once again on July 16. The withdrawal took place in Delhi and Jaipur.

He said the rude behaviour of the bank employees and the police officials left him dejected. Finally, he got a complaint lodged in Dehradun through his wife, he added.

This is how he was swindled

  • Sarwan Singh of Wadala Kalan village went to an ATM in Rayya last month. Three youths offered him help operate the machine.
  • They inserted his card in the machine and told him that the ATM was out of order. They returned a fake card to him.


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