Vendors for cleanliness in Amritsar


Amritsar, July 27

Owing to heaps of garbage along roads, vendors have urged the Municipal Corporation (MC) to remove garbage near their stalls.

Foul smell emanates from the garbage and it also poses health hazard not only for roadside vendors but also for residents who turn up at their vends to make purchases. During rainy days, such sites become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, making people vulnerable to water-borne diseases.

It has been observed that fruit vendors continue to sell their material near the garbage. Areas such as Gate Hakima and Ram Bagh are in bad shape.

Ramanand, a fruit vendor at Gate Hakima, said, “The situation here is same for the past five years. It not only degrades the quality of fruits and vegetables, but also poses health hazard to my health.” — TNS


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