Two more ticket-vending units put up at Amritsar Railway station


Amritsar, July 26

With a view to de-congest current-ticket windows, the Railways has installed two automatic ticket-vending machines at the local station.

These machines are expected to facilitate all daily and frequent rail passengers. The machines have been installed at the general waiting hall and at the main entrance where a replica of Golden Temple is installed.

In order to utilise the machines, a card needs to be procured from the ticket-booking window by depositing Rs 50. The card can then be recharged with any amount of money and the same card could be used to procure tickets from the vending machines. Earlier, four automatic ticket-vending machines were installed at the Amritsar railway station in October last year.

Touch-screen ticket-vending machines were installed at vantage points at the station and one could get a ticket after feeding relevant information and depositing the requisite amount in the machine.

A high number of passengers and a limited number of ticket windows have been the biggest facility drawback at the station, prompting the railway authorities to modernise the railway station to keep pace with the rising footfall.

A daily passenger, Sawinder Singh, said these machines had limitations, as only new notes and small change were required to take out the ticket. Most of the time, it is not possible for daily passengers to have change in small denomination.

The railway station of the holy city was already acknowledged as the most significant station in the Ferozepur division, stretching across Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and a part of Himachal Pradesh.

Railway officials said directions had been received to give a new look to the station and instal state-of-the-art automatic machines. In addition to this, increasing the passenger amenities was on priority.


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