Two cases of deadly Blue Whale Challenge reported



Amritsar, September 12

After a 16-year-old was saved from the clutches of the deadly Blue Whale Challenge in Pathankot, two similar cases have been reported at the local hospital.

The teenagers were saved after their parents intervened within time, noticing the unusual behaviour of their wards. The two had been taking counselling-cum-treatment at the city-based Harjot Singh Neuropsychiatry Centre under the guidance of professional experts.

Doctors treating them stated they had been playing the game for some time and were brought to them by their parents more than a month ago. Both the boys are teenagers and belong to good families.

Dr Harjot Singh said, “We can not reveal the identity of these boys, but they have been taking treatment from us. At present, both are stable but have to be cared for from time to time to deal with the after effects of the game.”

According to experts, there are a total of 55 level in this game has its own challenges. The game plays with the mind of children, finally trapping them into the game. Both the patients were not comfortable in sharing the details initially.

Rhythm Sachdev, a clinical psychologist at the centre, said, “I have been taking care of both the cases. They say it is easy to enter the game, but difficult to come out of it. There are challenges. One of them was used to hurting oneself by applying a cut on one’s arm. It was then that the case was noticed by the parents and they brought the children to us for treatment. Even the other one showed extremely strange behaviour. Schools must come forward to educate children. This will help a lot the youth trapped in this game.”

The experts stated that there was a pattern which should be noticed by the parents. These kids usually sleep late, are always active on their cell phones, they also tend to cut off themselves from the outer world by avoiding family outings. The changes in behaviour should not be taken lightly.

Though the doctors treating them said there was still a lot work to be done, they were directed to stay away from the mobile phone and the internet. They were told to get involved in physical activities. Regular counselling of parents as well as patients is being held to deal with the situation.

Meanwhile, SGPC president Kirpal Singh Badungar has asked the government to take steps to prevent the sharing of the link. The game should be removed from internet. He has also asked parents to sensitise their wards regarding the consequences of the game. He advocated the promotion of moral and religious education to these young minds, rather than letting them spend most of their times on internet.


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