Spurt in suicide cases in city


Neeraj Bagga

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, May 27

The rising number of suicide cases in the city has become a grave concern, say experts. More than five cases of suicides have been reported here in the past one month.

HS Walia, retired vice principal, DAV College, says youngsters, aiming high, are buckling under pressure from parents, peer and society. He blames parents for pampered upbringing of youngsters, far from the real life. “The approach of parents, and government policies are responsible for the messy life of youth. Most of the parents exert pressure on their wards to excel enough to make their career in renowned professions for a high status in society. For this, they don’t hesitate in investing their hard earned savings on the studies of their wards, and also keep on making them realise of this, thus putting children under severe strain,” he says.

According to Walia, the government is also responsible as it fails to ascertain the number of engineers, doctors and other professionals the country needs, hence, giving leeway to educational institutes to offer seats as per their commercial calculation.

Dr Sandeep Aggarwal, who heads the paediatric wing of the Civil Hospital, says patients are counselled properly before being directed to psychologists in the western world. “People involved in small businesses are discouraging their youngsters from joining traditional shops, which assure guaranteed employment. Instead, they are encouraging them to outshine in studies. Joint family system is rapidly giving way to nuclear families, leaving youngsters without counselling of their grandparents. Such negative emotions pile up on youngsters,” he said.

A 16-year-old girl in Kot Khalsa area committed suicide recently. On April 26, Harpreet Singh, a BSc student of Khalsa College, had ended his life after he was denied permission to appear in an examination for low attendance.  Simran Kaur, a Class XII student of a private school, committed suicide in her classroom on May 20. She was said to be depressed. A youth in Katra Charat Singh area ended his life after his family could not fulfill his demands.


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