Spurt in robbery cases leaves police worried



Amritsar, August 18

The cases of robbery, especially from collection agents of financial firms, petrol pumps and off guard banks, in and around the city are on the rise. It has left the police worried as majority of such cases are unsolved.

The police hold regular meetings with representatives of banks, fuel stations and firms dealing with collection of cash expecting a close coordination during the movement of cash as such organisations are an easy target for robbers, who do a thorough recce before striking.

The city has witnessed mushrooming of a number of financial firms in a decade. Their collection agents go to various parts in the rural belt for collecting monthly installments from their clients. They move on bikes with cash in their bags and thereby becoming a soft target of looters. The robbers don’t even hesitate to open fire or kill the victims in case the latter resist.

“Ideally, customers should deposit the cash with the banks instead of paying cash. If they are not doing so, it is easily understandable,” said a senior police official, preferring not be named.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Amrik Singh Pawar said the police could not be deployed at every nook and corner of the city. The objective of conducting meetings with bank authorities, petrol pumps and financial firms is to make them take appropriate security measures and also have better coordination with police. However, due to their negligence they are not only losing money, but bringing bad repute to the police department as the people question the ability of the police.

“We do take appropriate measures, but people should be more vigilant and alert so that such instances could be controlled,” he said.

Parampal Singh, SSP, Amritsar rural police, said even if they inform the police, “We can’t spare cops for their security. Private firms should hire private security guards. They should use fully covered vehicles with at least two security guards while moving cash,” he added.


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