Single dustbin in market places thwarts waste segregation plan in Amritsar


Amritsar, July 6

To ensure the segregation of waste at the point of generation itself, the company engaged by the Municipal Corporation (MC) has distributed dustbins of two different colours in residential areas but no such effort seems to have been made in market places.

A visit through the city roads reveals that only one large-sized container, emptied into the waste collection vehicles mechanically, has been placed.

People throw all kinds of waste— dry and wet — into the same dustbin. As per the classification by the MC, dry waste constitutes plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and other such items. The wet waste constitutes food leftovers.

As the wet waste decomposes easily, it is meant to be disposed separately from the dry waste which can be recycled and is hard to decompose. “It would be better if two sets of dustbins are placed in market places and people are made aware of their use,” said a concerned resident, Pritam Singh.

The residents also complained that sometimes the contents of these dustbins overflow and as such the plan should be replace them before these get filled.

Another resident Amanpreet Singh said, “The city administration must ensure that waste management techniques are properly implemented. Already, our city does not figure in the list of cleanest cities. A better management of waste can help in improving cleanliness.”

Apart from the MC, the residents too are required to help the civic body in improving cleanliness in the city.


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