Show depicts origin, journey of music


Amritsar, June 18

Celebrating World Music Day, a light and sound show dedicated to the origin and journey of music and its gradual transformation was held at the Art Gallery here.

The show began with mythological stories about the creation of the world and how gods blessed the people of the earth with music. The show ‘Sangeet Safar’ was like learning about the history of music in civilisation, its evolution and impact on several crucial social events in each era.

Dividing the story on the stage into two parts — pre and post-independence era — the show began by telling how Lord Narayan blessed the people on earth with music as a source of entertainment and to prevent them from fighting and quarreling with each other, on the request of Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and earth herself. Lord Shiv’s Damru was the first musical instrument. Artistes staged Shiv’s ‘Tandav’ the first-ever dance performed symbolising the two. The performances enacted the genres of music and dance in the pre-independence era, with reference to the Bhakti Movement, comprising sufi and bhakti music, besides nationalist songs and patriot chants representing the freedom struggle and social change. The students at the art camp performed with finese and were appreciated.

In the post-independence period, Bollywood music overshadowed mostly every genre with ghazals, classical, folk and modern (hip hop, pop, rock) music in the side lanes. The concept, script and presentation of the programme was done by Dr PS Grover.

“I have hosted six shows of the musical show over the years and I am glad that people have liked the concept. The show is an experiment to present a music-drama mix on stage,” said Grover.

Dance sequences were choreographed by Latika Arora. The performances were given by students of the summer workshop for dance and theatre at the Art Gallery.

Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina, presiding officer and president of the Indian Academy of Fine Arts (IAFA), said: “The IAFA will continue to preserve old art and keep on experimenting with novice and innovative ideas concerning art.”

Padma Shri artist Puran Chand Wadali and Gurmeet Bawa were the chief guests. Both appreciated the young generation’s interest and connection with musical history.

“Its wonderful when young artistes perform and talk about legends of the past,” said Wadali. — TNS


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