Road partially closed for making retrofitted bus stops, commuters irked in Amritsar


Amritsar, July 26

As a leg of the Amritsar-Jalandhar GT road under the elevated road is closed near the local bus stand for making podiums of retrofitted bus stops for the BRTS project, heavy traffic jams can be witnessed on the elevated bridge.

Earlier, the traffic was divided between the elevated bridge and the road below. But presently, the traffic coming to the city has to use the elevated bridge, as the road below is blocked.

Commuters say that due to lack of traffic management at Bhandari Bridge, long queues of vehicles pile up at the bridge. “Sometimes, it takes around half an hour to go through the stretch,” complained Rajinder Singh, a commuter.

According to the commuters, better management of traffic on the bridge could reduce the problem to a certain degree till the construction of podiums is completed.

The Bhandari bridge, which is considered the lifeline of the city traffic as eight different roads meet each other at this point, is a traffic bottleneck even on regular days. However, the new development has aggravated the problem.

The podiums near the bus stand are being constructed to facilitate people in using the BRTS buses running on the elevated road. Earlier, the passengers were required to walk to the Bhandari bridge to board a bus.

Though buses on the route are yet to be started, the administration feels that people will not show interest in the BRTS buses if they have to walk to board a bus.

“The podiums would help passengers in coming to the bus stand to reach the elevated road from where they could take BRTS buses. Work on the project is going at a fast pace and it would be completed within the stipulated time frame,” said PWD Executive Engineer JS Sodhi.


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