Report overcharging for dengue tests: Health Department in Amritsar



Amritsar, August 7

The Health Department has appealed to the people to report in case any laboratory charges more than Rs 600 for dengue tests.

The decision to put a cap on the medical tests was taken in September last year to prevent fleecing of patients. By then, a large number of dengue cases had already been reported and the move of the department couldn’t help much. So the health officials have issued the appeal to make people aware of it so that no establishment can exploit them.

In case complaints against hospitals are found true, the department can proceed to remove the establishment from the list of empanelled hospitals for the purposes of state-run insurance schemes. Besides, action for violating official instructions can also be taken.

District Epidemiologist Dr Madan Mohan said, “The decision to cap the charges for dengue diagnostic tests was taken after reports of many labs charging exorbitantly from gullible patients. Government hospitals conduct such tests for free, but many patients often go to private clinics.” According to him, instructions state that NS1 antigen test is the apt test for diagnosis of dengue but many labs conduct other tests. People should prefer government facilities.


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