Probe begins as Cong man ‘disrespects’ national emblem

Gurinder Rishi Fake Coin Congress Amritsar

Congress activist Gurinder Rishi is in the soup for allegedly disrespecting the national emblem. The city police have initiated an investigation into it.Gurinder Rishi had observed April Fools’ Day as ‘Modi Day’, targeting him over his “poll promise that people would get Rs 15 lakh” in their accounts. He distributed fake currency coins of Rs 15 lakh to commuters.

An RTI activist, PC Sharma, had claimed that Gurinder Rishi violated the Section 3 of the State Emblem of India (prohibition of improper use) Act, 2005 by using it improperly on the coins. He said the coins Rishi distributed displayed “Asatyamev Jayate”, instead of Satyamev Jayate.Sharma filed his complaint with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), DGP and also Commissioner of Police. “I have received a response from the PMO that the case has been referred to the Chief Secretary, Punjab,” he said.Meanwhile, an inquiry has been marked to the SHO, Civil Lines. Parvesh Chopra, SHO, said, “We have started the investigation. We will record statements of the complaint as well as Gurinder Rishi.”Talking to The Tribune, Congress activist Gurinder Rishi said, “I have distributed fake coins as a prank on April Fools’ Day. It was to make the people aware of the unrealistic poll promises of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I had no intention to hurt someone. If someone feels bad, I apologise for it.”


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