Pipe stocks on road trouble commuters, shopkeepers


Amritsar, September 12

Large pipes meant for the underground gas pipeline project are lying stocked on various roads in the city. As a result, people are facing problems. The stocks of these pipes not only act as traffic bottlenecks but shopkeepers in these areas also complain that these have restricted entry to their shops.

Around two dozen of these pipes, which are 12-metres long, can be seen stocked on the road in the Ghee Mandi area. Even on the road leading from SSSS Chowk to the Hussainpura bridge, the pipes have been placed in the middle of the road.

A shopkeeper, Raman Chawla, in Ghee Mandi said, “These pipes are lying at this place for the past more than a month. After dumping pipes here, no work has been started, as we do not know how long it would take.”

Another resident said, “The pipes should be brought here only when the work is to be executed. These are lying here and causing trouble to the residents.”

The ambitious gas pipeline project is an offshoot of the smart city project and it is expected to be completed at a cost of Rs 500 crore. The slow pace of work is irking residents, as many roads have caved in at points where these pipes were laid because no proper land filling was done.

MC officials stated as the problem had surfaced due to the monsoon, the work of laying pipes was shifted to the outskirts of the city, so that these did not pose a problem to the commuters.

“Four pipes, each of 12-meter length, are connected before these are laid in the ground. For safety reasons, each joint has to be checked for any leaks before these are laid. As all this takes time, the work is moving slow,” said an official.

The Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is executing the project which would supply LPG to houses apart from 10 CNG stations in the city.


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