NRI body seeks clarity on sale of properties


Amritsar, August 16

Perturbed over “unauthorised” sale of their properties in their absence, NRIs have demanded some changes in the norms of the Revenue Department.

The US-based North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) has urged the state government to take some concrete steps to save the properties of the Punjabi diaspora back home in Punjab.

NAPA executive director Satnam Singh Chahal said, “The government should bring some changes in rules to the satisfaction of the NRIs to make the process of selling their properties more transparent. In majority of the land fraud cases of NRIs, caretakers sold properties by forging documents. A new system must be introduced wherein it should be mandatory for revenue officials to inform their respective deputy commissioners (DCs) whenever anyone tries to sell properties of NRIs.”

He said the deputy commissioner in turn would inform the owner (NRI) and the sale deed would only be allowed after obtaining the owner’s consent. If the new system is implemented, it would provide much needed protection to NRIs’ properties. In the past, many persons have sold properties of NRIs by forging documents because revenue officers did not inform them at the time of registration of sale deeds of their properties, he added.

Another NRI, SS Gumtala, said some of the NRIs had given power of attorney (POA) of their properties to their relatives so that power connections and other petty works could be done by their relatives sans hurdle. But the kin sold such properties and the NRIs learned about it after the passage of several months.

Usually, he said, all NRIs do not come to their villages every year and the majority come after many years. He said the new system, if adopted, would reduce the number of fraud cases.


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