Nature is my source of inspiration, says artist in Amritsar


Amritsar, August 6

Inspired by the nature, Pearl, a 25-year-old artist-cum-architect, organised an exhibition displaying her art work here today. An array of paintings was put on display depicting nature in various forms through shapes of leaves, trees, water, murals and sculptures. Some of these have been displayed at various national and international exhibitions.

Jatinder Brar, patron and founder of Punjab Naatshala, inaugurated the exhibition. She said, “I just wanted to put them on display. I have had an inclination towards nature since childhood.”

“I try to involve nature in everything I do. It is my source of inspiration,” says Pearl, who hails from a family of architects.

Her father Dalbir Singh says, “She has specially designed a coffee table, which can be used in a unique way .She is in process of designing a series on Buddha and Lord Ganesh through her mural art.”

She has a plan to introduce street art in the holy city. “There is a dearth of street art in the holy city, so I want to bring in this culture,” she added.

Jatinder Brar appreciated her creativity.


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