Mobile companies to pay for installing canopies


The advertisement wing of the Municipal Corporation (MC) has asked the mobile companies to pay for installing canopies on the roadside, parking lots and markets. Mobile companies have been violating the advertisement norms by installing canopies to attract customers in market areas.

Some of the mobile companies often instal balloons and canopies for advertisement. Earlier there was no check on such activities by the MC but now the advertisement wing has started seizing such material.

Sher Singh, Superintendent, advertisement wing, said, “We do not allow any illegal advertisements in the markets. We have seized several canopies in recent days.

”It is a common practice that mobile companies encroach upon parking lots, footpaths and corridors.

Harnek Singh, a visitor at the Nehru Shopping Complex, said,“ The parking space in the markets is already insufficient. On top of that, the mobile companies instal canopies. The MC should keep a check and not allow them to occupy the public space.”


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