MCparking: 17 bike thefts in 6 months in Amritsar



Amritsar, August 18

In the absence of proper surveillance, around 17 motorcycles have been stolen from the head office of the Municipal Corporation (MC) in the past six months. The MC had a proposal to install CCTV cameras for surveillance, but the plan couldn’t be materialised due to scarcity of funds. Meanwhile, the estate wing of the MC decided to hire private security but no company showed interest.

Employees and visitors face inconvenience as they have to keep an eye on their vehicles. “It is sad that scooters and motorcycles are not safe at the parking lot of the MC office. Despite informing to senior officials, no step has been taken to prevent thefts,” said an employee, seeking anonymity.

MC Estate Officer Jaswinder Singh said, “After theft incidents, we have made arrangements and deployed employees to keep a check on anti social elements. We are also working on the proposal to instal CCTV cameras.”


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