Man applies for death certificate of brother, gets his own in Amritsar


Amritsar, August 1

It took the Municipal Corporation four days to certify that a man was alive for whom officials had wrongly issued a death certificate.

After running from pillar to post, Amritpal Singh got the certificate corrected but he wants to know what action authorities have taken for causing him harassment.

Amritpal Singh said, “I got the death certificate of my deceased brother after three months of struggle. As per the right to Service Act, the MC has to deliver the death certificate within 21 days. They issued wrong certificate with my name and details on it instead of my brother’s. After repeated complaints to the Service Commission, I got it corrected. However, the MC did not take any action for this negligence.”

“I met an official and demanded action but he advised me to leave the issue as the certificate has been delivered. But it is a matter of providing proper service. Now, I have filed an application under the Right to Information Act to know what action has been taken in this regard. I will claim compensation as there is a provision under the Act,” he added.

On July 21, the Municipal Corporation (MC) had issued a death certificate to Amritpal Singh, who had applied for it for his deceased brother Harneet Bajwa, who died in March this year.

Amritpal Singh, a city resident, had applied for the death certificate of his brother Harneet Bajwa in March this year.

MC employees delayed the process and when they were pulled up by higher authorities, they prepared the death certificate in haste, resulting in the blunder, Amritpal said. — TNS


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