Kitchens of four eateries inspected in Amritsar



Amritsar, August 9

Names of leading brands and colourful displays at eateries may not be a guarantee to quality and hygienic foods. This was revealed when a Health Department team raided four well-known and costly food joints in the city.

The district health officer, Dr Lakhbir Singh Baghowalia, said, “The condition of the kitchens at two sweet shops was pathetic. One had a water outflow problem.” The eateries at which the inspection was conducted were Kanha Sweets, Bansal Sweets and Kanhayia Sweets, all three on Lawrence Road and Chawla Fine Dine at Ranjit Avenue.

Baghowalia said notices were issued to these eateries and the shop owners were asked to improve hygiene at their kitchens within 14 days. “Failure to do so could result in suspension of their licences besides additional legal action,” he said.

The health team also found that cooks were not wearing hand gloves and head gear, as is mandatory inside the kitchen. “A few of these shops could not produce details of procurement and usage of ingredients,” he said.

Baghowalia said a total of 10 samples were collected from all the four eateries, which have been sent to the government lab for testing. “Action will be taken as per law if any of these samples fails in quality tests,” he said. The department had yesterday also inspected three eateries in the city and collected 10 samples. The health officials stated that the inspection drive would be intensified during the next few days and all eateries were required to improve conditions of cleanliness and hygiene at their kitchens.


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