Independence Day rehearsals in full swing in Amritsar



Amritsar, August 10

With just four days left for the Independence Day celebrations, hundreds of students from various schools are braving the scorching heat for rehearsals.

Students from various schools and colleges would participate in the march-past and cultural show scheduled for the day on Gandhi ground. As students rehearsed on the ground, many were seen sitting on the stairs of the stadium to wait for their turn.

A schoolteacher said, “Students have to sit in the sun for hours until the practice session culminates. At least a tent should have been installed to protect them from direct sunlight. Due to increase in the level of humidity, the heat is unbearable.” However, the students were quite enthusiastic. They said it was an honour for them to perform in the events on Independence Day.

Meanwhile, workers were seen tending the ground for the final show.

An official overseeing the work said, “The ground will be prepared before the final dress rehearsal which will be held a day prior to the main show. We are keeping our fingers crossed as rains have flooded the ground during the event several times in the past, forcing the higher authorities to cut short the event.”


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