Hoteliers for visitors’ safety, publicity of tourism sites in Amritsar



Amritsar, August 4

Hoteliers in the city want the state government to consider their suggestions for the proposed tourism policy.

Though several tourism sites have been opened in the city this year, these haven’t been able to draw much tourists due to lack of publicity. They want the government to popularise all tourism destinations of the city.

APS Chatha, president of the Amritsar Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHARA), said there were many demands of the people associated with the hospitality industry awaiting incorporation into the proposed tourism policy of the state.

“Our association has contacted Punjab Tourism Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu thrice for a meeting. However, all such meetings have been postponed. It is high time to secure, maintain and create a conducive environment for tourist spots,” he said.

According to Chatha, the state government announced tourism as an industry in 2012 but it did not give any incentive to this sector as being extended to the manufacturing sector. A police band must be deployed to perform in the Heritage Street, he added.

Piyush Kapoor, manager of a leading hotel, said, “Tourists are being repeatedly targeted by anti-social elements. They must be provided security. The tourist police, though promised, have never been deployed.”

Several thefts involving tourists go unreported as they don’t complaints with the police to avoid legal hassles. Ambitious Urban Haat, commonly known as food street, inspired by Lahore’s famous food street, has not been made properly operational.

Hoteliers say they expect a positive response from the state government.


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