Heat wave takes 3 lives in 24 hours


Tribune News Service

Amritsar, June 5

With an intense heat wave sweeping the region and the temperature hovering above 45 degrees Celsius, three persons have lost their lives in the past 24 hours. Two of the victims were yet to identified and stated to be destitute and beggars.

The third victim was identified as Pal Singh alias Baba, a migrant and a resident of Bohar district in Uttar Pradesh. He was found dead near the Bhagtanwala grain market while another unidentified person was found dead in Aman Avenue. As per police reports, they died due to the intense heat wave conditions while their postmortem examinations would ascertain the exact cause behind their death.

The intense heat wave conditions have thrown life of gear in the region with people preferring to stay inside their homes and offices and avoiding going outside for work.

In order to beat the heat, the sales of ‘lassi’ and other soft drinks have increased manifold while the plant saplings and leaves of small trees have started drying up. People, especially the youth, are rushing to various swimming pools and water amusement parks to get respite from the scorching heat.

Sunday remained the hottest day of the season in the holy city with the temperature recorded at the highest 47.5 degrees Celsius. Today the highest temperature was recorded at 42 degrees Celsius which brought a little respite.

Rakesh Kumar, a sanitary worker, said he found it very difficult to cope up with the severe heat conditions, even though he covered his head with a wet cloth to ward off heat. “I was drenched with sweat and therefore drank a lot of water to keep myself hydrated,” he said.

Doctors advised people to drink a lot of fluids and avoid going outside in direct sunshine without taking precautions. They advised people to cover their heads to remain safe from heat stroke.

Dr Rajiv Sharma, a local doctor, said the soaring temperatures could prove dangerous for elderly persons, children and field workers including labourers. Therefore, necessary precautions must be taken to avoid heat strokes. “Drink plenty of fluid and remain indoor for most of the time. The main symptoms of illness due to heat are muscle cramps, weakness, nausea, dizziness and clammy skin,” he said.


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