Drive from bus stand to rly station a test of endurance


The distance between the bus stand and the railway station is 2.2 km but the journey is tiring, as its takes around 25-30 minutes. It surely tests your patience and endurance levels.

The first test of patience begins as soon as one starts from the bus stand. The 500-metre distance till the Hussainpura chowk is the most frustrating, as the traffic moves at a snail’s pace. Finding the way between scores of auto-rickshaws switching lanes to get ahead of each other also checks one’s driving skills.

Despite regular traffic jams at the place, the local administration has failed to find a solution to the problem. Even the service lane built for auto-rickshaws near the bus stand serves no purpose, as the auto drivers use it to wait for passengers and block the traffic behind them. Some even use the main road to wait for the passengers.

As one crosses the Hussainpura chowk, it is some relief, as vehicles pick up pace but still the needle on the speedometer is unable to touch the 25 kmph mark. The relief is short-lived, as the long line of vehicles waiting to climb Bhandari Bridge is already there.

The 100-meter stretch on Bhandari Bridge is another test, as it takes four to six minutes to cross it due to heavy traffic. And this is despite the fact that traffic cops are always present on the bridge.

As soon as one comes down from Bhandari Bridge and starts moving towards the railway station on the narrow stretch along side the under-construction flyover for the BRTS, the encroachments by bicycle sellers are a big hurdle. Here, too, the motorists have to move at a slow speed. The thousands of bicycles displayed under the bridge on the roadsides leave little space for vehicles.

Spending 25-30 minutes on a stretch measuring merely 2.2 km is a costly affair. No wonder people spend 14.2 per cent of their monthly expenditure on their travelling bills. Most of the traffic jams on the stretch are created by drivers themselves, as in a hurry to get ahead of others, they jump lanes and often end up creating a traffic jam.

Those who have travelled on the stretch during the late night or the early morning hours would know that it takes just three minutes to cover the distance at a leisurely speed when roads are clear.

The problems which slow the speed include jig-jag driving, absence of traffic management, poor condition of the road, especially after crossing the Hussainpura chowk till Bhandari Bridge.


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