DC travels in all operational corridors of transport system


Amritsar, September 12

Deputy Commissioner Kamaldeep Singh Sangha today travelled in all operational corridors of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS). Brushing away the claims the BRTS may meet the fate of the City Bus Service (CBS) as too hasty, he said it could not be predicted until the main loop of the Bhandari Railway Over Bridge (ROB) was completed.

He said after a long wait, a heavy-lifting crain was now available to lay slabs for the BRTS project over the level crossing near the ROB. It was holding up the entire project.

The Railways will construct a 52-metre long concrete and steel bridge for the BRTS project at a cost of nearly Rs 15 crore.

He said the bridge, which would be a composite one with a concrete and steel structure, would see resumption of construction from the next month.

As many as three slabs of 170 tonnes each would be laid underneath the concrete slab of the bridge. In order to lift and place extremely heavy girders, cranes from Delhi would be called. Sangha said the elevated roads across on both sides of the railway lines were complete.

He said buses were extremely comfortable, air-conditioned, low-floor to accept all age groups of people. There was low fare, big glass windows offering a full outer view, which provide security to passengers and would be an attraction for tourists.

He said the concept of pressing buses of the CBS to feed passengers to the BRTS would also be considered.

With a total length of 30.73 km, the BRTS project is aimed at reducing the traffic mess and bottlenecks in the city. The PIDB outsourced the construction work for the BRTS to a private concern while the PWD (B&R) Department was made the execution agency.


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