Daily change in fuel prices baffles residents


Manmeet Singh Gill

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, June 19

Daily change in petrol and diesel prices has left local residents baffled, as they cannot be sure of the day’s prices unless they check these on the internet or by some other means.

The decision to change fuel prices on a daily basis was implemented in the state on June 16. A petrol pump dealer said petrol prices had seen a fall of 85 paisa and diesel 46 paisa compared to June 16.

“There has been an increase in the prices on a few days and a decrease on others. People who are not aware of the daily change in the prices would pose questions in this regard,” said the dealer.

Prior to the daily change in prices, these were revised every month. The government had deregulated petrol prices in 2010 and diesel prices in 2014.

Residents demand that as the prices are changed on a daily basis, it becomes even more necessary that petrol pump owners do not fleece customers. “It should be ensured that petrol pumps sell fuel at the day’s price. Not every customer is educated enough to check the prices on the internet. Such people could be easily fooled by the pump attendants,” said a resident, Kirpal Singh.

The residents said the government should also come up with a plan to inform people about the day’s price.


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