Commuters peeved as encroachments rampant near Guru Nanak Hospital


Tribune News Service

Amritsar May 28

Rampant encroachments on the SSSS Chowk-Guru Nanak Hospital stretch in the city have left the commuters fuming. The 1.8 km stretch is dotted with roadside vendors. Patients in large numbers turn up at the hospital for treatment everyday. Even in case of emergency, ambulances at times stuck in the traffic take a long time to reach the hospital.

The situation worsens in the evening as the traffic at Ghala Mala Chowk gets almost choked. Autorickshaw drivers and rickshaw pullers often park their vehicles at the chowk in wait of passengers coming from the circular road side. The traffic police deployed at the chowk ignore them as the autorickshaw drivers have a strong union having political connections.

Despite several attempts, the Municipal Corporation has failed to remove illegal kiosks from the road. Residents often park their vehicles haphazardly on the road to buy vegetables and fruits. Besides, there are several fast food stalls.

Though there is no designated bus stop on this stretch on Majitha road, but bus drivers take a halt anywhere to pick or drop passengers.

MC Estate Officer Jaswinder Singh said 44 kiosks were removed recently. Efforts are being made to make the road free of encroachments, he added.


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