City police introduce pocket cameras to upgrade inspection in Amritsar


28 Jul 2017 | 2:01 AM

Upgrading its surveillance system, the city police have introduced pocket cameras besides installing cameras in PCR vehicles.According to police officials, the step has been taken after complaints of misbehaviour with cops or misbehaviour by cops with the public surfaced. Such videos are circulated on the social media, bringing a bad name to the Punjab Police.Amrik Singh Pawar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, while giving details about the project here today said on a trial basis, four cameras that could be fitted on the pocket of the shirt had been distributed to traffic cops. “If the project is successful, as we hope it to be, more such cameras would be used in the future,” he added.These cameras can do 24-hour video as well as audio recording. With this, it would be easier to investigate who is at fault. Modifications could be done in the cameras if need be following the trial run, he added.“It has been noticed that when the traffic cops challan a person, he starts arguing with cops and even uses foul language. When the matter reaches senior police officials, people allege that it was the policeman who misbehaved with them while on the contrary the cop says it was the opposite party who did it,” said Pawar.As these cameras also record a video, it would also be helpful in nailing traffic rule offenders. It would also be beneficial at dharna sites.He said similar cameras had been fitted inside the PCR vehicles. Out of 29 PCR vehicles, cameras were installed in 24 vehicles, he added.


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