Chaotic traffic zone: Ram Bagh and bus stand road


Tribune News Service

Amritsar, June 5

If you are travelling towards Ram Bagh or the road leading to the local bus stand, chances are you are entering into the worst traffic zones in the city. The outer ring road that connects through the main gates and commercial areas outside the walled city suffer a heavy rush of traffic at all given times of the day.

Vulnerable to encroachments at every nook and corner, the circular-shaped stretch of the road used to be and still is considered a lifeline for the commercial and trading community. A long line of ‘pheriwalas’ and vegetable vendors will greet you all along while travelling from the Ram Bagh chowk towards the Hall gate, adding to your traffic woes while two-wheelers zip past creating another bottleneck. Despite the re-carpeting of roads, the occasional potholes greet you anyways.

“The illegal vendors and encroachments need to be pushed off the road. Since the outer ring road cannot be expanded due to shops on both sides, the road needs to be made clear of the unnecessary cluttering,” says Rajeev Sharma, a commuter and a PVC salesman, who travels daily to Ram Bagh. The stretch of road leading to Lohgarh, too, is clogged with traffic due to rampant traffic rule violations and flower vendors. Here, too, like the other stretches, the encroachments play a massive roadblock, eating up most of the road.

The MC’s plan to root out the encroachers has failed several times as old establishments and illegal parking on roads remain unfazed. “Despite the traffic police present at significant stops, the violations are happening. Commuters know that they are entering into the chaotic traffic zone while traveling on these roads,” says Sanjeev Khanna, a resident of Lohgarh. Attempts to clear the road and make some room for increasing traffic flow, too, seem not to provide a solution since more the space, double the traffic flow.


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