CBSE circular brings cheer to parents of pvt schoolkids


Neeraj Bagga

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, June 5

Parents of students of private schools and their organisations are happy after the CBSE released a circular asking these schools about their fee structure and increase carried out in recent years.

The schools were recently in the eye of a storm for charging high fee and their “irrelevant” fee structure. Once again, the schools would be busy jotting down the details of their expenses, facilities and fee heads after the CBSE circular was issued.

Ram Ashram School Parents Association, president, Jaideep Jaitly said, parent associations have been writing to the CBSE officials to bring to their knowledge that high fee was not the only violation. He added that a similar mechanism must be put in place to keep a check on maintenance of the teacher-student ratio in the classroom and induction of qualified staff in private schools in the state.

He sought that the CBSE must carry out surveillance in the border cities like Amritsar and in remote parts of the country because school managements may try to circumvent rules in order to escape scrutiny.

He recalled that a similar circular was released by the CBSE in October, asking private schools to furnish details of facilities, fee quantum and the fee structure by October 31. He demanded a logical conclusion to such circulars and legal proceedings against the schools violating the law of the land.

The president of the Punjab Parents Association (PPA), MK Sharma, who spearheaded an agitation against high fee and an unreasonable fee structure, welcomed the circular of the CBSE.

He said the then Deputy Commissioner had appointed a committee of the Punjab Education Department led by the then DEO (Secondary) over a year ago.

“It had found 10 leading private schools of the city charging a high amount of fee illegally under various inexplicable heads in May”, he said.

However, Sharma claimed that the schools under the patronage of a powerful political lobby escaped punishment because there was no relevant law to bring them to book.

Another social activist, Vishal Joshi, said recently West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the setting up a self-regulatory committee that would decide the fee structure in private schools with a view to rein in arbitrary fee hike and huge donations by some private schools in her state. He said a similar interest is lacking in successive governments in the state.


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