BRTS track abuzz with pvt vehicles in Amritsar



Amritsar, August 25

Though the BRTS track is meant only for buses, residents can be seen driving their vehicles on the road nowadays. The dedicated bus corridor has been made for plying of buses under the BRTS only.

Ramesh Gupta, a resident of Brahm Nagar, said the authorities failed to check such a practice as private vehicles can be spotted in these lanes, fenced by iron grills. He said since his house falls close to the BRTS lane passing on the Mall road, he family is more concerned about it. He recalled a mishap a few months ago when two motorcycles had rammed into each other. Consequently, riders of both bikes had sustained injuries.

With the government having failed to run the required number of buses on the BRTS track, a large number of residents can be seen using the lane designated for the metro buses.

Another resident, Manav Kapoor, said the BRTS project was yet to be made fully functional and people drove their vehicles on it at a high speed thinking that no other vehicle would be there in the lane.

A resident of Railway Link road, Sarwan Singh, said the flow of traffic on the GT road was rapid. It remained so all over the day. Heavy vehicles make the traffic worse and at times vehicles enter the BRTS lane finding the roads choked, he said, adding that no only two-wheelers, sometimes small cars too enter the lanes.

Metro Bus Service in-charge Harbans Singh said no one was authorised to use the BRTS track except metro buses. Residents often use the track in the absence of proper check by the traffic police. He said that in order to curb the practice, the metro authorities had deployed security guards at every stop but it seems they are unable to stop the practice as there are many gaps in between to enter the lane.


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