Aujla demands Dhusi Bandh alongside Ravi


Amritsar, August 1

Amritsar MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla raised a demand for the construction of Dhusi Bandh along the Ravi river while speaking in the Lok Sabha.

Aujla said there was a 25-km stretch of the Ravi river in the district. “If Dhusi Bandh is constructed alongside the river and a concrete road is built over it, these steps would not only save thousands of farmers from floods but these also help in guarding the border with Pakistan.”

Aujla said investigations had revealed that terrorists who attacked in Pathankot and Dinanagar had crossed Ravi to reach the Indian territory. If Dhusi Bandh was extended till Gurdaspur, it could strategically help in keeping a vigil on infiltration, he added.

Aujla said farmers in the Ajnala belt of the district living alongside the Ravi river are always face threats of floods especially during the monsoons.


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