Agriculture Dept tells farmers to follow example set in Ajnala



Amritsar, September 12

The District Agriculture Department has asked farmers to follow the example of a farmer from Rajiya village in Ajnala, who has not burnt any crop residue in his fields, for the past seven years.

Chief agriculture officer, Dr Dalbir Singh Chinna, said the farmer, Balwinder Singh, had stopped burning crop residue as an experiment in 2011.

“The experiment has been so successful that now the farm hardly needs any fertilisers. Crop is better than fields in which fertilisers were used earlier,” claimed Chinna.

He said farmers instead of burning should mix the crop residue in fields, which would strengthen the soil health and decrease farmers’ dependence on fertilisers.

Chinna said Balwinder Singh had put to rest doubts of farmers on mixing of the crop residue in fields were not true. “If one farmer can do it, others too can do it. Farmers just need to change their mindset that there is no solution to crop residue than burning,” added Chinna.


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