Bharawan Da Dhaba Amritsar


Bharawan Da Dhaba Amritsar

Bharawan Da Dhaba Amritsar, as the name suggests, is the dhaba of brothers. Brothers Dhaba, Town Hall Amritsar is just adjacent to Bharawan da Dhaba, very easily located as it is on the way to the sacred Golden Temple. Originally, there was only Bharawan da Dhaba. As the world demanded, Bare Bhai Ka Brothers Dhaba was opened, which has all the modern facilities of a quality restaurant along with the excellent traditional punjabi food, cleanliness, good parking facility, south indian food, chinese food, pizza, burgar, chat papri etc.

This has been opened by older of the two brothers who were running Bharawan da Dhaba at one time. Now both are running separate eating outlets. In nutshell, we can say Bare Bhai Ka Brothers Dhaba is a vegetarian’s paradise where a huge variety of food is available starting from traditional Punjabi food to pizza, burger etc. at very reasonable rates. Here the special emphasis is given to cleanliness, quality, quantity & service.

Why Bharawan Da Dhaba Amritsar?

It is the place to go and gorge on everything that is traditionally Punjabi and steeped in Ghee (clarified butter). Brothers Dhaba is a favorite eating joint of young and old. This is Best Dhaba in Amritsar.

You would surely rate Brothers Dhaba as the most authentic dhaba in Amritsar with a modern touch in which cleanliness, quality, service have been given due importance. Right from Sarson ka Saag to sweet dish like Firni, Kheer etc. our food quality is highly appreciated and rated as extremely mouth watering.

This dhaba leads the list of all dhabas in amritsar


Near Amritsar Municipal Corporation, Town Hall, Amritsar

Phone Numbers

0183 2532575
0183 5020575

Bharawan Da Dhaba Amritsar



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