Alpha One Gaming Amritsar


Alpha One Gaming Amritsar

Main G.T Road, Amritsar, Punjab
Aplha One Gaming Amritsar Service Description:

Who doesn’t love 3D games involving rappelling racing and rowing! Everyone becomes a child again at an arcade! With friends and family, enjoy a day of pure fun and excitement! LET’S PLAY!

Redemption Counter

Simply, Play and win! Put your competitive spirit to good use. Play more games and you could win fun gifts! Redeem your points at the counter to get some fun goodies!

Bumper Cars

Bump into Cars and Have some reckless fun! Bumping into cars was never so much fun!

5d Theatre

Forget small screens with limited fun as we bring to you a 5D Theatre space – the first of its kind in the golden city of Amritsar.

alpha one gaming amritsar


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