Mata Lal Dev Mandir Amritsar (Model town)


Mata Lal Devi Temple: The Sheesh Mahal of Amritsar

Param Pujya Mata Lal Devi Mandir is a hallowed Hindu sanctuary devoted to a twentieth century female holy person, Lal Devi. The sanctuary is found 2 km far from the Amritsar Railway Station is thought to be brimming with inexplicable forces. Punjab being a Sikh-ruled state, is conspicuously acclaimed for the hallowed places of the Sikhism. In this manner, a large portion of us aren’t mindful about the Hindu Temple that happens to be a standout amongst the most critical sanctuaries for the Hindus everywhere. Situated in the devout city of Amritsar, Mata Lal Devi Temple is a consecrated Hindu journey that is thought to be brimming with wonderful forces. Committed to a twentieth century female holy person named Lal Devi, it is viewed as a smaller than normal of the well known Vaishno Devi sanctuary in Jammu in light of its comparative structure.

Pujya Mata Ji was conceived on 21st February, 1923 at Kasoor, District Lahore, now in Pakistan, in Marwaha Khatri family. She was the fourth youngster among her four siblings and three sisters. Her dad, Shri Har Jas Mall was a representative and her mom Shrimati Maya Devi was an unadulterated religious disapproved of woman and the entire family has having confidence in Lord Krishna and his lessons then.

Brilliant mirror foyers sparkling smoothly with lights embellish the insides of the sanctuary generously. Mata Lal Devi Temple is very little of an engineering marvel from its structure however it is the sheen and magnificence of the insides that has entitled the sanctuary with name of “Sheesh Mahal”. The sanctuary houses a progression of places of worship and grottoes inside the structure. One can feel the nearness of God in the symbols, hallowed places or the pictures worked with mirrors on the dividers of the whole intricate. The counterfeit buckles and slanted walkways can be crossed either by twisting down or by slithering on your knees.

History of Mata Lal Devi

Profound identity of Pujya Mata ji was being portrayed since her introduction to the world. On her introduction to the world, specialist exhorted not to bolster the kid on mother’s drain because of mother’s disease. Her dad began to sustain her on dairy animals’ drain and Pujya Mata Ji never sobbed for it. This was the principal indication of her satisfaction about common things.

At the point when Pujya Mata Ji was around 9 months, her relatives alongside her went to the sanctuary of Chintpurani in Himachal Pardesh. On coming to before the holy element, as the family was putting forth the supplication, Pujya Mata Ji was illuminated with the sacrosanct soul of Goddess Chintpurani and the cleric, display there, announced that this kid is not a basic one, but rather honored with extraordinary magnificent forces. Every one of the individuals from family shocked to listen so. Having encountered such a variety of supernatural occurrences of Pujya Mata Ji’s energy, the family began to view Pujya Mata Ji as goldy mother, even to such an extent all the relatives, including guardians and all seniors started to address Her Holiness as “Mata Ji”. When she crossed the adolescence, it is expressed by her seniors that Pujya Mata ji used to secure herself a space for contemplation and stayed inside the space for quite a long time together without taking anything aside from a little water. On hearing the magnificent things about Pujya Mata Ji, the general population started to go to Her “Darshan” and for the arrangement of their separate troubles. This was a begin of the present mission.

So far as Pujya Mata ji’s close to home life is concerned, she was “Bal Brahamchari” contemplation round the clock was the eating routine of her spirit and common fascination makes no difference to her. More for the perusers, she never tasted the nourishment stuff and a little water, drain and natural product was adequate for her to live on. Besides she never requested to eat anything. On the off chance that any close-by aficionado asked for her to take something, it relies on her own sweet-will whether to take or not anything besides rather no impulse of anybody. This is in nutshell, finish of her fulfillment about common things.

After parcel of India in 1947, Pujya Mata Ji chose Amritsar City in the Punjab for her sermon, while other relatives settled at Jalandhar (Punjab). She dwelled with her aficionado, Bhagat Pindi Dass, a Railway Guard in railroad quarter in “MAAL GODAM”. Here Pujya Mata Ji was carrying on an extremely basic schedule “a kirtan” by women on Tuesday, by men on Sunday evening and the “Jagran” on Ashtami of “Shukla Pakash” of consistently within the sight of Pujya mata Ji with Holy Spirit of Bhagwati Chintpurani. This “Jagran” was gone to by numerous aficionados with their individual wishes to be satisfied with the gift of pujya Matai Ji’s main goal, which is being commended previously, then after the fact segment now in Lal Bhawan and the quantity of fans raised from hundreds to thousands. Amid “NAVRATARAS” Lal Bhawan stayed swarmed with fans from early hours of morning to late hours of night.

In 1953, Pujya Mata Ji moved her habitation to Gagar Mal Sarai, close Bhandari Bridge, Amritsar. Here Pujya Mata Ji did some augmentation in day by day schedule. Kirtan is carried on day by day and “Shrimad Bhagwat Katha” began in the morning. The effective attractive nearness of Pujya Mata Ji was being felt in the neighborhood open and the quantity of aficionados began raising quickly. In the interim a plot was acquired in Model Town, Amritsar with accessible sources.

In July, 1956, Pujya Mata Ji, filtered this land, by watching the “Ashtami Jagran”, on straightforward wooden stage, which transformed this desolate land into a magnificient Lal Bhawan of Pujya Mata Ji. Numerous statues of divine beings and godesses are set up here as indicated by the Veda’s customs with a consecrated seat of Pujya Mata Ji in the inside. An incredible fascination of it is a “Gufa Vaishno Devi Ji”. A great many individuals, regardless of standing, shading and statement of faith visit it day by day and it is kept opened from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm. In the schedule the guest offers a little festoon of blooms and consequently he gets a couple of petals of blossoms as the “Parshad” to eat, which is the panacea and arrangement of all issues. Free sustenance is served to guests and an altruistic healing center additionally gives the therapeutic offices. Birthday of Pujya Mata ji is praised on 21st February consistently, as an Annual capacity and Gala-Day of Lal Bhawan.



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