Gobindgarh Fort Amritsar


Gobindgarh Fort Amritsar– the very image of Punjab. An image of the circumstances when Punjab was manufactured. Spread over a great 43 sections of land, appropriate in the heart of Amritsar city, this eminent, legacy site has its very own grand history, crossing crosswise over 257 years – ideal from the period of the Bhangi Misl to the season of Maharaja Ranjit Singh-to The British East India Company to The Indian Army to now, when at long last, it paves the way for the general population of Punjab.


The Punjab district in the eighteenth Century was governed by families called Misls. it was in the 1760s that Gujar Singh Bhangi,- a neighborhood chieftain-fabricated this as a mud stronghold and it came to be known as “Bhangian da Qilla”. They possessed it till 1809 or for very nearly 49 years. Be that as it may, the money related position of the misl weakened after some time and by 1809 a minor ruler Gurdit S. Bhangi, a descendent of Gujjar Singh, was administering Amritsar with the assistance of his mom Mai Sukhan. Mai Sukhan asked Arur Mal, a sahukar (trader)of the Bhangi township, to pay nazrana(Tribute). Not having any desire to do as such, Arur Mal relocated to the township of the opponent Kanhiyas misl keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from installment. Around then Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a rising star having a place with the Sukerchakia Misl. Arur Mal contrived with Shaikh Kamaluddin, a main national and they welcomed Ranjit Singh, to assume control over the stronghold and the regions of Gurdit Singh. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was searching for quite recently such an open door. He called upon Mai Sukhan to surrender a major gun broadly known as the Zamzama Cannon otherwise called “Bhangian di Tope”. Maharaja Ranjit Singh guaranteed that he had the privilege to the gun as it was the Sukherchakia Misl’s share of the crown jewels of the war with the Afghan lord, Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1765. The word Zamzama signifies “the Taker of Strongholds.” Mai Sukhan, cannot. Ranjit Singh immediately entered the city through the Ahluwalia entryway. The Bhangies couldn’t hold up again Ranjit Singh’s colossal constrain.

The Maharaja assumed control over the post and alongside it the Zamzama Cannon and Mai Sukhan and the Bhangies were conceded a couple of towns for their upkeep. it is expressed that in the wake of winning the stronghold, Maharaja Ranjit Singh went to Shri Harmandir Sahib for a darshan and saying thanks to the preeminent one and circulated positions to the inhabitants of the town as indicated by their legitimacy. The catch of the fortification was a significant procurement for Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He renamed the fortification “Gobindgarh” after the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Shri Gobind Singhji. One of the fundamental explanations behind the union of the stronghold in all likelihood was to protect the city of Amritsar from intruders. This bean molded city was most defenseless against assaults and there were steady dangers from the Afghans from the North West boondocks. This situating of the post outside the noteworthy walled city, dissimilar to different strongholds in the focal point of the memorable urban areas, went about as an invulnerable obstruction to break through to the explorer city The fortress saw significant repairs, augmentations and reconstructing from 1805 till 1809, under the supervision of its second representative and remote pastor of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Fakir Azizuddin. Extensive aggregates of cash were spent to make the fortress a strong guard stronghold with the assistance of the French Generals who had joined Maharaja Ranjit Singh.



SHER-E-PUNJAB (Lion-of-Punjab) a show on Maharaja Ranjit Singh

A 7D appear on Maharaja Ranjit Singh in an at no other time seen arrange in Punjab. which will transport you to the nineteenth century in an immersive way. The show will abandon you captivated. A review will acquaint you with the ages just before the Maharaja fashioned the effective realm of Punjab. Globally prestigious film executive, Mr. Ketan Mehta, has coordinated this show.

Total Show Duration                                   Approx 14.5 minutes

Timings                                                     Throughout the day

Language                                                   Punjabi with No Subtitles

KANDA BOLDIYAN NE (whispering walls) – a show on the story of Gobindgarh

Against the background of the first façade of the Dyer’s Bungalow –a divider 100 ft. x 50 ft. see a Multi-Media sound and light show, with laser lights, PC activity and Projection mapping innovations, inundate yourself in the legend of Gobindgarh Fort where these apparently quiet dividers, have a story to recount the breadth of history

This infotainment appear, conveyed to you with 20,000 lumens projectors and 7.1 encompass sound, will hypnotize you as you sit in the noteworthy open yards of the post and delight in the dazzling nights of Amritsar.

Show Duration                                             30 mins

Timings                                                       Daily 2 shows post sunset

Language                                                    Punjabi & English


live performances of amazing forms from the state GATKA-GIDDA-BHANGDA

Live stimulation throughout the day-the enthusiastic entertainers from Punjab will keep you engaged throughout the day

As the sun is going to set, the mind-set in the fortress changes.

A great parade rises with artists and artists in customary outfits playing out a lively montage of Punjabi social involvement with some shocking accomplishments from the amazing hand to hand fighting structure Gatka.

And after that when the dusks, the fortification is enlightened with amazing lights.

Shows                               All Day



The Royal treasury of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

It is trusted that Maharaja Ranjit Singh kept a fortune worth Rs. 30 lakhs (A Kingly entirety then) and valuable gems and gold and silver in the stronghold under a protect of 2000 troopers. It is here that the Kohinoor was housed. They say no gem specialist has so far possessed the capacity to evaluate the cost of the Koh-i-noor precious stone. Coins of that period alongside a reproduction of the Kohinoor can likewise be seen here.


See the uncommon instruments of war from the old circumstances including a reproduction of the Maharaja’s own sword and his own special war clothing. An uncommonly made reproduction of the praised 14.3 ft. enormous Bhangian di Tope or The Zamzama-the biggest group of its time has been reproduced exceptionally for your survey.

Timings                             10am – 5pm {last entry at 4pm}



The best of Punjabi nourishment conveyed to you by the best in the sustenance business. An extraordinary road called Ambarsari Zaika-will make you understand why Amritsar is known as the Food Capital of the state.

Here you can tempt your sense of taste with both veggie lover and Non vegan alternatives. Sit under a shade roused from the overhangs utilized by Maharaja Ranjit Singh or get charge from wooden nourishment trucks made in the conventional old style. No set menus. No impulses. Just total opportunity to fulfill every one of your tastes-Sweet –Spicy and Sour.


Phulkaris, jutties , legacy create pieces, old zardozi work… Choose from the rich accumulation of expressions and artworks, which display the magnificence of the state.

Enhance your homes, as you put your best foot forward, wearing the recently bought jutti from The Haat Bazaar. A few shops to browse, offering the choicest of things from crosswise over Punjab. Take mementoes for your family and companions.


  • Architectural points of interest
  • Horse Riding
  • Army Games

Fort Rules

This is our great heritage and we owe it to the future generations to protect and preserve this site. We therefore have very strict rules which we are sure, the visitors will agree with willingly.

  • Fort hours are from 10 am to night 10 pm.
  • No damage to fragile structure anywhere- no writing/scratching names, no breakage, no disfigurement
  • Smoking prohibited everywhere
  • Alcoholic beverage consumption is prohibited outside restaurant area.
  • Littering is prohibited. Use trash receptacles
  • Scooters and skateboards prohibited
  • Motorized vehicles prohibited beyond Forting areas
  • Improperly Forted vehicles will be towed
  • Hunting or use of firearms prohibited
  • Plants and animals are protected – do not remove or molest
  • Control noise levels – please be respectful of others
  • Destroying public property is prohibited.



10 am to 4 pm                 Rs. 25/-

4 pm onwards                 Rs. 150/-

SHER-E-PUNJAB (Lion-of-Punjab) a show on Maharaja Ranjit Singh          Rs. 120/-

Kanda Boldiyan ne                                                                               Rs. 150/-

Express pass                                                                                       Rs. 600/-


Email: info@fortgobindgarh.com

Phone:+91183 5217666



Old Cantt Road, 
Vijay Chowk, 
Inside Lohgarh Chowk, 
Gobindgarh Fort, 
Punjab 143001


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